Token Effort

Been so busy lately I've missed a whole month without posting!
Anyway here's about the most newsworthy photo I've taken during that time. I was recording in a small studio in Sydney, and had these beauties to choose from. It reminded me of that game "Duck, duck, goose", but it was "Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson.... Fender!"
The Tele' that you can just make out in the background was a 1978 Sunburst.
The front 2 Gibsons were acoustics, then a LP and an SG. Unlike the Fender, I wasn't sure how to date the Gibsons by serial number.
... and of course there was the White Falcon which I would have loved to have fired-up.
As it turned out I only got to play my own Cole Clarke acoustic on the recording; the Gibsons just weren't as comfortable and didn't sound like "me." I'm sure there's an Aesop's Fable or something that is symbolic of situations like this; 6 objects I could save for for years, but I ended up using ol' faithful.

More regular posts to come I promise