You can ponder and plan some things for as long as you like, but then when your chosen moment arrives you just launch yourself off the edge, fly by the seat of your pants and all that careful planning amounts to nought. I've decided my first ever blog post will be one of those occasions.

Despite the multiple revised drafts I have constructed in my mind over the last few months, I am resisting the urge to say too much, as I fear that could potentially steer me down a particular path... let's just see where this thing takes me over the coming months and years.

This blog will not be specifically about surfing, photography, art, music, science, politics, religion, or any other single subject.
It's just a bunch of stuff that happens in the life of some dude.

To start off this new adventure I'd like to share an old image that for me sums up the beginnings of two concurrent journeys - both lifelong passions that will no doubt feature highly in these pages.

This is where I learnt most of what I know about waves, how to ride them, how to photograph them... and sometimes also which situations to avoid. It was the beauty and power of this place - the amazing things we witnessed on a regular basis - that first drove me to try and capture it on film in order to show others. It was the thrill of getting in amongst that beauty and power, and the rewards of making it out with some treasured momentos, that got me hooked.