Mark Moldre - Everything I Need

Pretty excited to see this clip released & getting shared around the internet, with some really encouraging feedback. I had a blast making it; Mark is one of my favourite muso's and a top bloke, so the whole process of bouncing ideas off each other was really fun and ended up producing a great result. I love Mark's music and I think we both shared a similar vision of what kinds of images would fit nicely with the sounds of this song. It all started to really fall into place when Mark scouted the perfect location for the shoot: the partially-demolished family home of his own childhood friends, who now also happen to make up half of his band. So not only did the location work well visually, it had just a little bit of extra relevance. 

If you like this clip, check out for more material & to check out what he's up to.


Had a major Blog Break lately; I'm hoping to share some of the reasons why in future posts. But for now, I was just doing some catching-up on my neglected online social life and couldn't go past this clip without sharing it.

Memories... (?)

Photos are a wonderful thing.
Capturing a moment in time, preserving it for prosperity...
If not for these images, I would not have much memory at all of the activities & places depicted therein.
Experiencing Torquay over the Easter long-weekend is apparently quite similar to how I've heard the '60s & '70s described - "If you remember it, you weren't really there."

The Aussie Way

Never call anything by its proper name, especially if you can call it something shorter.
Had to laugh to myself when I saw this tucked away in the back of the latest edition of The Surfer's Journal.
Of course it should have read: "Att. Oz Photog's"

Taking Charge

My friend Tim Silverwood never ceases to amaze. From his inspirational travel adventures and the resulting images, to extreme himalayan snow sports and now environmental activism, the dude must never sleep. Now he's decided to embark on one of his biggest and most important adventures yet, and he sets sail (literally) in a matter of weeks.
Check out this nice little story on Coastalwatch for all the details, and support his great cause if you can. We all contribute to the problem, and we all stand to suffer if we don't help find the solution.

Token Effort

Been so busy lately I've missed a whole month without posting!
Anyway here's about the most newsworthy photo I've taken during that time. I was recording in a small studio in Sydney, and had these beauties to choose from. It reminded me of that game "Duck, duck, goose", but it was "Gibson, Gibson, Gibson, Gibson.... Fender!"
The Tele' that you can just make out in the background was a 1978 Sunburst.
The front 2 Gibsons were acoustics, then a LP and an SG. Unlike the Fender, I wasn't sure how to date the Gibsons by serial number.
... and of course there was the White Falcon which I would have loved to have fired-up.
As it turned out I only got to play my own Cole Clarke acoustic on the recording; the Gibsons just weren't as comfortable and didn't sound like "me." I'm sure there's an Aesop's Fable or something that is symbolic of situations like this; 6 objects I could save for for years, but I ended up using ol' faithful.

More regular posts to come I promise

First Stones Turned

This is the reason for my lacking "online profile" of late: I have caught the dreaded Home Improvement Bug.... plus the lack of quality waves.
It seemed symbolic when the first few bricks came out from the late-'70's-era brick archway/feature-wall/useless hallway.
Don't worry, there is no risk of this becoming a renovation blog.

Surfing World Stunned

Andy Irons was a hero to many. The realisation that someone such as this - a symbol of strength and triumph in the face of life-threatening danger - could be struck down so unexpectedly in their apparent physical prime, came as a chilling reminder of the fragile balance of life.
Photo Ryan Heywood - see it here
I didn't have a photo of Andy, so rather than steal from someone I don't know, I thought I'd use this one and give a credit and a link to my ol' matey Ryan Heywood.
This is Ryan's photo of Andy with his brother Bruce, shot several years back in Tahiti. It was the first image that came to mind when I heard the news; reiterating the theory of "six degrees of separation".